You've Gut This


Brand Identity, Print Design, Website Design and Development


The brains behind popular instagram page The Tummy Diaries, Lottie Drynan, approached me regarding creative services to launch her new online community for people struggle with gut and mental health issues, called You've Gut This. Lottie required a full branding package for the business, as well as print design for a journal product she will be launching in summer 2020. 

I was able to make use of my favoured hand-drawn style for this logo, to help convey the relaxed and upbeat feel of the brand, as well as tie into Lottie’s illustrative style on You've Gut This' social feeds. Lottie already had the idea of using a knot design for the ‘o’ of the logotype to represent the idea of a ‘knotted tummy’, which I was able to incorporate, as well as then using this element as a logo-mark for the brand. The colour scheme of dusky pink, dark grey and dark teal was created to feel bright and girly, yet high end and modern. I also created a range of 12 icons for the brand to be used within the journal, as well and determining a consistent design system for the brand involving fonts and their respective sizes, shapes and line weights, and an extended colour scheme to be used across social platforms. 

In order to launch her journal product, Lottie also requires assistance in designing and building a Shopify website on which to promote and sell the product. While Lottie is using the CMS to build this website, she requires some custom design and coding, which is currently ongoing. 


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