Autumn Photography Project

Completed 2016


These images were captured in response to a university project brief, in which 9 digital photographs were required within a self-set theme. 

Due to the time of year (late 2016), it was decided that the theme should be autumn.The orange tones throughout the series create a consistency across the images, despite their differing content. The images are as following, respectively: 

  • 'Horse Chestnut' (Nature) - Using a wide aperture to allow focus on the foreground, along with high colour contrast between the autumn leaves and the bright blue sky.
  • 'The Vines' (Landscape) - The natural light patters add to the feel of perspective in this image.
  • 'Broken Swing' (Still Life) - Ironic in its use as a still life subject due to its intended use to be moving.
  • 'Rugby in the Park' (Sport) - Combination of wide aperture and fast shutter speed allows the ball to be captured midair with a focus on the foreground of the image.
  • 'Willow' (Reflection) - The effects that Autumn has had on the tree can be seen in its reflection in the windows.
  • 'Market' (Photojournalism) - A long shutter speed allowed for a bright, vibrant photograph despite the low lighting of the setting.
  • 'Sunset' (Blot on the landscape) - The use of a silhouette figure against a bright sky subtly represents the disruption caused by humans to the beauty of nature.
  • 'Cathedral' (Architecture) - Shows the relationship between architecture and nature by pitching the famous Catalpa tree in front of the impressive religious building.
  • 'Caitlin' (Portrait) - Taken using only natural light, and with a wide aperture to keep the focus on the subject. 

The final picture made up the latter part of the university project, which required the creation of a photomontage, which was created to depict the changing of the seasons from Autumn into Winter in a surrealist way. The fantastical story depicted is of a male subject 'throwing' the autumn sun back into the sky in a desperate attempt to try and 'save autumn', melting the snow and bringing back the warmth. The image was created on Adobe Photoshop using mainly a mixture of images captured as part of the autumn project.

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