About Millie

My name is Millie Jay Powell, and I'm a multidisciplinary creative - whether you're looking for someone to design a logo and brand identity, design and code a new website, or even paint a mural on a wall in your house, there are few things I won't have a go at. 

Since starting my career in the creative industries back in 2017 (one year into my undergrad degree) doing full-time, part-time and freelance roles, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of companies and clients allowing me to learn and develop a range of creative skills. On completion of my studies in May 2020 I am looking to take on a permanent role within an exciting and forward-thinking digital design team, in which I can continue to do what I love - work with interesting clients, develop my skills, and do some great design work.

When I'm not glued to my Macbook/iPad Pro, you would usually find me with a cup of tea and a few chocolate biscuits in hand... or perhaps at my local rugby club supporting my boyfriend's team (with a pint); in my garden, iPhone camera in hand snapping pictures of my two gorgeous labradors - or if I'm lucky, on holiday somewhere sunny and pretty (unless it's ski season, where I'd be on the slopes). 

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So what have I been doing for the past few years? 

Industry Experience

Freelance Creative - MJP Multimedia/The Doodle Mill 

August 2017 - present 

In summer 2017, I began freelancing under the company name 'MJP Multimedia', providing design, digital and content production services to local businesses, doing increasingly more work in the last year. In this time, I have worked with a range of exciting clients from bloggers to mountain bike tourers. 

Notable work: 

- Brand identity and journal design for You've Gut This, an online gut-health community

- Brand identity, web design and sign-painting for Bubbles on Wheels, an entertainment business

- Brand identity and content production for PentaHealth, an independent Sports Therapist

- Logo design, website design and development for EvoTours, a company offering mountain-biking tours in Wales

In September 2019, I decided to create a sub-stream of the company to allow me to segregate the B2B and B2C sides of my business, creating 'The Doodle Mill'. Within this stream I offer custom illustrated products such as Pet Portraits and Line Drawings, as well as hand-painted denim, and seasonal greeting cards. 

Notable work

- Selling over 100 individual custom made Pet Portraits, which are each digitally hand-illustrated per customer 

- Selling four different ranges of greeting cards for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas - the latter of which I sold over 40 full range sets

Digital Design and Production Assistant - Eurostar International Ltd. 

August 2018 - August 2019

As part of my undergraduate degree, I secured a year-long placement within the Digital team at the travel company Eurostar. My role sat between the Content Management and Content Development teams, the first of who were responsible for the management of written and visual content on the company's website, with me being responsible for creating graphic visual assets as well as custom-coding web pages (that couldn't be created through the CMS) where required. Within the Content Development team, my role required me to work closely with the developers and UX designers maintaining and designing/building new functionality for the company website. This placement enabled me to learn and develop a wide range of creative and technical skills, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Notable work: 

- Creating code-ready UI designs for Eurostar's website homepage and campaign pages during the 'You see more when you don't fly' campaign, making use of a newly created design system

- Creating code-ready UI concept designs for Eurostar's 'Train To' pages, again making use of a newly created design system

- Finalising an ongoing placement project which involved the design and code-build of an online tool called the 'Hidden Cost Calculator', comparing the hidden costs of flying (such as baggage allowances and getting to/from the airport) with those of Eurostar's train travel 

- Helping to conduct extensive user research to inform the re-design of Eurostar's homepage

Social Media Manager/Content Producer - The Wow Factory 

Oct 2017 - Aug 2018

In this role, which I held part-time alongside my second-year studies, I was responsible for managing each of the agency's client's social media accounts, providing regular written and visual content, as well as researching and writing blogs for each of the range of clients. This role was my first real introduction to client work outside of my freelancing, and taught me how to manage and interact with clients of various backgrounds.

Notable work: 

- Creation of an illustrated map of a wedding venue to be made into an interactive map on their website

- Writing monthly blogs on unfamiliar topics such as home maintenance, wedding planning and even cigar smoking 

- Liaising closely with each of the clients to establish and manage expectations for content creation


Multimedia Technology and Design with A Year in Industry, BSc Hons - University of Kent

(graduating Summer 2020 with predicted first class honours)

Since starting my undergraduate degree in 2016, I have learned and developed a range of new skills including web design and development, object-oriented programming, 3D modelling and animation, digital photography and film, video game development, virtual reality design and development, as well as essential soft skills such as team-working, time management and adaptability.

Currently finishing my 'Final Year Project', I will soon be completing my undergraduate studies and am therefore looking for employment opportunities. 

Notable projects: 

- A 6 month 'Final Year Project' (which is still currently ongoing) involving creating a concept product for which I completed market research, brand identity and strategy, product prototype design, content creation including copywriting and photography, with the majority of the project revolving around the design and development of an online e-commerce experience on which the product can be sold 

- Designed and built a functioning 2D platform video-game with a distinctive illustration style and educational nature

- Design and build of a digital portfolio using the Bootstrap framework (before this site existed!)

Software Proficiencies 

- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects

- Sketch 

- Procreate and Rough Animator (for iPad pro)

- Content Management Systems including Wordpress, Drupal and Shopify

- Unity 

- Maya 

- Microsoft Suite (including Access) 

Coding Proficiencies 

- HTML, CSS and Javascript

- Liquid (for Shopify) 

- C++ and C#

- Java  

- PHP  

Where to find me... 

Millie: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Dribbble

MJP Multimedia: Facebook and Instagram

The Doodle Mill: Facebook and Instagram