The #100DaysOfDesign Challenge

The #100DaysOfDesign Challenge

Those of you that follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know that I have decided to embark on a new (somewhat ambitious) creative project, completing some sort of design task every day for 100 days straight. I first saw the challenge on Twitter, and thought why not? - it would give me a change to practice a range of creative techniques that I otherwise don’t get a chance to within my client work, and would also act as a personal challenge to see whether I could stick to it.

I decided to carry out these tasks in both brand identity and UI design to allow me to both practice and develop my skills in these areas, as well as build my portfolio, focusing entirely on concepts rather then real client work. The main challenge of the project would be to create something each and every day, and to not spend so much time on the tasks each day that I don’t get anything else done - something which I am notoriously bad at, being a self confessed perfectionist!

I thought I’d start this blog post to document the various outcomes more so than what I do on social media, reflecting on my experience each day and the learnings taken from each - and of course, the struggle of doing a entirely new design project each day.

To sum up (because I know there’s a lot) - So far I’m on day 28, I’ve struggled a lot with limiting how much time I spend on each task (as expected) but have created some really cool work that I’m super proud of, and refined my skills a ton. On day 18 I decided that it would be a good idea to start returning to existing brands I had created throughout the project already to develop them further, and I also decided that I would post some of my client work as part of this project, rather than just concept designs, if they had been completed entirely in that day.


Day 1 - Instagram Sticker Poll Redesign 

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So thought I’d give the #100daysofdesign challenge a go - day 1/100 is a redesign of Instagrams’s poll sticker for stories! Currently users can only offer two options for voters to choose from - something I find highly annoying 😂 so here’s my UI concept for how it would look and function. Let me know what you think in the comments! . . Gonna try out this challenge with a mix of UI designs, branding concepts and maybe some illustrations depending how I feel on the day. Hoping it will give me the chance to improve my skills and learn some more about different design styles! If there’s something new you’d like to see let me know in the comments ☺️ . . #uidesign #uidesigner #uxdesigner #instagramredesign #instagrampolls #freelancingfemales #kentcreative

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Starting off strong: one thing I wanted to experiment with within this project was the idea of redesigning certain existing user interfaces that we designers use on a day to do basis, adding in functionality I feel it misses. One such interface is on Instagram, specifically within stories, where there is currently a poll feature which allows users to ask their followers to cast a vote from two available options. I feel, however, that this feature is lacking in the way that it only allows for two options, and so redesigned it to allow for up to 5.

Whether it was because it was only the first day, or because I had an existing design style to go off of, I really enjoyed creating this design and didn’t find it too difficult. It was a little time-consuming, mainly because I hadn’t done a UI design in a while and had to re-familiarise myself with certain aspects of Sketch, however it didn’t take over my day and I was able to post it on Instagram after only a couple of hours work. The post got some great responses (mainly with people echoing my desire for such a feature) and put me in a great stead to continue the project.


Day 2 - ‘Borrow my bike’ website Sign-up page 


Another thing I wanted to achieve during this project was to develop some business concepts of mine into a digital platform through UI design. One such concept was that of a ‘borrow my bike’ scheme - brought about by lockdown, in which me, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend wanted to cycle for our exercise but didn’t have our own bikes. We ended up borrowing from family members, something which we were lucky to be able to do, as many people may not have this option. The concept would allow people to either request to borrow a bike, or advertise a bike that they don’t use/don’t mind lending to be borrowed, subsequently matching people together based on location and requirements to allow the ‘bike borrowing’ to take place.

Another pretty simple design, this design didn’t take long at all to complete and gave me a chance to play with fluid shapes and bright colours often used in modern UI designs - something which I had been itching to do for a while.


Day 3 - ‘Strawberry Jammies’ Branding


My first branding concept of the challenge was inspired by a design I had seen from Katie Proctor on Instagram, in which I created a variety of logo alternatives for a concept children’s pyjama brand. Using block text, bright colours and youthful patterns, graphics and imagery along with a modern typeface and a limited colour palette gave the brand a playful yet high-end feel.

This was the first task I completed at a weekend, and I quickly discovered how difficult it is to do design work amongst normal Saturday activities - visiting family (from a distance, of course), exercising, food shopping, cooking for my family, and spending time with my boyfriend. I managed to sneak this bit of design work in after dinner while the rest of my family were watching a film, although this meant I had to post the work pretty late.


Day 4 - ‘Isofit’ App Design

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Day 4/100 of #100daysofdesign - yes it’s nearly midnight but bank holiday weekends are busy!! Gave myself a real challenge today by trying out a neumorphic UI design, meaning that elements of the interface such as buttons look like they’re moulded from the same surface as the background. Definitely more difficult to achieve effectively than I originally anticipated but I’m pretty pleased with the result, showing a menu page and a workout timer/tracker for a fitness app 🏋🏼‍♀️ . . #uidesign #uiux #uidesigner #uiinspiration #uidaily #neumorphism #neumorphic #fitnessapp #fitnessappdesign #womenindesign #userexperiencedesign #userexperience #uiinspo #kentdesign

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The first day that I really struggled with this project. I had been reading about neumorphic design online - a design style which makes interactive elements such as buttons appear as if they are moulded into the background, achieved using shadows - and decided I wanted to give it a go, first attempting to create a re-designed interface for a popular astrology app, Co-Star. After working on the design for a couple of hours (the point at which I should have been finished) I realised that the Co-Star app simply didn’t have enough interactivity to warrant a neumorhpic design, hence why I was struggling so much, and so had to go back to the drawing board - creating a fitness tracker app instead.

Once I had finished the design I was immensely pleased with the result, and to date it is still my favourite design of the project so far, however after me not finishing the design til nearly midnight I decided that I would try and stick to simpler designs throughout the rest of the project. 


Day 5 - ‘Dryse Distillery’ Branding


After deciding the night before that I needed to try some simpler design tasks, I decided to create a quick logo for a concept brand - using some new fonts I had picked up (thanks to Google fonts and Mark from Creative Waffle sharing his creative assets). I had a mock-up of a wine bottle I wanted to test out (again, thanks to Mark) so asked my mum to give me a name for a concept wine-making business - she said ‘Dries’, and I decided to warp the spelling.

Making sure this was a ‘quick’ task, however, soon went out of the window - stupidly, I started the project in Illustrator and later migrated to Sketch (I needed the logo in Adobe format for the mock-up, but I prefer the gradient controls Sketch, and wanted to give the lettering a metallic look) which caused my laptop to have a complete meltdown, and take 10 times as long to complete every simple task - even just moving an object - for the rest of the day. And to top it off, I then realised my slight oversight in branding the business as a distillery - which don’t make wine! Torn as to whether to re-do the whole lot or just leave it be, I reasoned that I could pass it off as ‘a distillery’s venture into wine-making’ - something which really upset the perfectionist in me!

Although in the end I was really pleased with how the branding turned out, it had annoyingly completely taken over my bank-holiday Monday - something I was determined at the start of the day that it wouldn’t do - and left me feeling exhausted and stressed at the end of what should have been a relaxing day. I therefore decided (again) that I needed to be more careful about how long each task took me.


Day 6 - Disney+ sign-in page re-design


After the disaster of the previous couple of days, I decided to go back and do another re-design of an existing platform, focusing on something that cheers me up - Disney, and specifically Marvel movies! Having started using Disney+ during lockdown to get my Marvel fix, I had noticed that the sign-in page was a little lacklustre in terms of it’s visual appeal, so decided to re-design - taking inspiration from Netflix’s use of movie/tv posters as a background. I took care to replicate the fonts and UI elements of the existing design, while tweaking the layout of the page to better show off the background. The idea of this Marvel-specific design is that it could be used as part of an animated slideshow, which each slide showing off different areas of Disney+ (such as Star Wars or NatGeo), or even as a personalised log-in screen targeted at users perceived to have an interest in Marvel based on their internet activities.

After completing this design, I felt as if I had a handle on the project again - it only took me an hour or so to complete, and it was enjoyable to do so.


Day 7 - ‘Oakao’ logo concept

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Made a concept luxury beach/swim brand as an excuse to play with new fonts 🌊👙 been pretty busy with prints etc. today so did this quick branding for day 7 of #100DaysOfBranding using thin lines and a limited colour palette to give it a luxe feel while tying it back to the beach vibe. I’m usually reluctant to use such thin/subtle lines in a logo design but decided to go out of my comfort zone anyway, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out! Making me wanna be on holiday even more!! . . #brandingcolours #branding #luxurybranding #logodesign #brandidentity #logodesigner #branddesigner #branddevlopment #designchallenge #smallbusiness #supportlocal #kentbusiness #kentdesign

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At the start of this challenge, I signed up to the 100 day logo challenge which sends a new logo idea to my inbox each day. I knew I wouldn’t use it every day, but could turn to the prompts for inspiration if I got stuck - this was one of those days! That morning, I had downloaded some new fonts and wanted to have a play with them, so decided to use the day’s prompt of creating a logo for a brand named ‘Oakao’ (which I turned into beach/swimwear so that I could use beachy imagery - wishing I was on hols at the moment). I gave the brand a luxury feel using a lot of thin lines - something which I am not usually comfortable with. Although I am happy with the outcome, it’s not my favourite piece of brand work and it felt a little rushed.


Day 8 - ‘Quaranteam’


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Say hi to my Quaran-team 👋🏻 #WowingFromHome . . For day 8 of #100daysofdesign I decided to have a go at @moo ‘s competition to design a business card with your new ‘lockdown role’, so I did one for my whole family! I’m living with my boyfriend Dan, parents Jaki and Mark, sister Caitlin and her boyfriend Luke, and fortunately we all co-exist pretty well 😝When I asked mum what my lockdown role should be, she said ‘Screen Slave’ as I’m always on either my laptop, iPad or phone 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Dan’s been in charge of making the quizzes to keep us all entertained, Mum’s pretty pleased with the amount of household jobs she’s gotten done (or ‘hinching’ - @mrshinchhome - as she calls it) and when Dad’s not at work he’s finishing yet another TV box set. Luke’s spent an ungodly amount of money shopping online and Caitlin’s barely appeared downstairs before midday (although she’s getting better, I’ll give her that). Would have loved to have had a cool role like ‘banana bread maker’ but I started this design challenge so I have no other life anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 . . #designchallenge #branding #branddesign #brandingcolours #branddesigner #businesscarddesign #printdesign #logodesign #logodesigner #kentdesigner #kentbusiness #supportsmallbusinesses #creativebusiness

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I had seen on Instagram that my favourite printing company, Moo, was running a competition in which participants were asked to design a business card for their new lockdown role, for example, ‘Chief Banana Bread Maker’. I decided to have a little bit of fun with this, creating a business card for everyone that I live with - my parents, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. I used modern fonts and fluid shapes paired with bright (perhaps too bright, looking back) colours to give a quirky and fun feel to the ‘brand’ that I had given us: Quaranteam, a play on the word quarantine. My dad was pretty unimpressed with the role I gave him (Box-set Expert - “Oh great, now everyone’s gonna think that’s all I do”), but other than that, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome - although I wish I could have spent a bit more time on it.

At this point I realised the struggle I was likely to face when creating any brand-work throughout this project: if I limit myself time-wise so not to use up my entire days doing this concept work, I will never be able to create a full brand identity. I am a firm believer that branding is so much more than a logo, however throughout this project, a logo is most likely all I will have time to do.


Day 9 - ‘Travello’ Landing Page Design

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How many of the wonders of the world have you seen? 🤩 I’ve only seen one - the Colosseum in Rome! Did you know that although everyone refers to the ‘seven wonders’ there are actually 8 wonders of the world? The Great Pyramid of Giza is an honorary member of the list, being the only wonder of the ancient world to still exist. . . Decided to mock-up a quick website design for a travel website tonight for Day 9 of #100daysofdesign - I really love the idea of a platform where you can track places you’ve been and share pictures, vlogs and tips about your favourite destinations! Used some fun modern fonts and a limited colour palettes to enhance the look and feel while maintaining a simple yet original functionality. Let me know what you think in the comments ⬇️ . . #design #designer #designchallenge #uidesign #uiinspo #uiinspiration #uxui #uidaily #wepagedesigner #webdesigner #supportsmallbusinesses #kentbusiness #youngcreative

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I spent my Friday evening making this one - a web UI design for a travel inspiration website. I again had some new fonts I wanted to play with, and decided to use a script font as the main header font of the website, along with some cool photography (I always use either my own photography or images from royalty free sites such as UnSplash in my concept work). The outcome of the design, which didn’t actually take too long, is high-end, although I feel with a bit more time the design could have been better refined - for example, the shadows are a little harsh and the logo is a bit too low contrast against the background. 


Day 10 - Love Button


I couldn’t help feeling like this one was a bit of a cop-out, despite spending a decent amount of time on it. I’ve been learning how to prototype in Sketch (my design platform of choice) using the Anima plug-in, which I am not finding particularly intuitive, and when I decided to have a go at animating a button I found an endless amount of problems. I decided to post what I had made regardless (having to screen record the button in action as I had no other way of exporting it), and am now considering other platforms for creating animated interactions.


Day 11 - ‘BookAndGo’ App UI Design


Rather than task myself with an unfamiliar design style like I had on day 4, I decided to stick to a much simpler style for this app design, instead focusing on layout and functionality - featuring different swipe actions to interact with various parts of the page, and a comprehensive search form. I had a lot of fun creating this design, and did so in a reasonable amount of time too - a marked improvement on the last Sunday evening app design!


Day 12 - ‘Ice Cream and Cookies’ Branding

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Who fancies an ice cream? 🍦 Created this brand identity for day 12 of my #100daysofdesign challenge and I am lovinggg the funky font - and I finally had time to create a sub-mark logo for one of these as well!! A submark logo is an alternate version of the main logo which can be used where the full logo would be inappropriate, such as for a social media picture. . . For those of you that are following along with the project, I’ve just created a blog post on my website to document the entire challenge and the task I complete each day - going into a little bit more detail of the struggles I’ve faced doing a whole new design task every day!! So give it a read at the link in my bio if you’re interested ✨

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When I get stuck for a brand idea, and I don’t fancy the one from the 100 days of design challenge, I ask my mum and/or my boyfriend Dan - day 12’s suggestion was a dessert shop called ‘Ice Cream and Cookies’. Prior to completing this project, much of my branding involved custom typography (usually some sort of script lettering), however within this project I have been trying to make use of fonts more - partly to save time, but also to build up my portfolio of work in this style. For this branding I used a modern font that included a variety of alternate letterforms, which was a lot of fun to play with. As I had time, I also created a sub-logo for the brand - which made it feel a lot more complete as an entire identity!


Day 13 - ‘Activism’ App Design

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While everyone has been sharing relevant news and useful resources over the last few days I couldn’t help but think how useful it would be for people to have a central point to access all of these things. All of you that follow me know I’ve been doing the #100daysofdesign challenge and while I didn’t post yesterday, I still wanted to create something for day 13, and didn’t want to make something unrelated when my attention was focused on reading and educating myself. I came up with this simple concept: a central hub app to keep up with REAL uncensored news, read and educate yourself, find links to donate and sign petitions, discover businesses run by POC to support, and finally details of local protests and how to stay safe when taking part. I’m not capable of building an app like this myself, so if anyone else would be able to, feel free to use the concept!

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Tuesday 2nd June saw the social media world fall silent in honour of the Black Lives Matter movement, showing support for those involved and taking the time instead to listen and learn about the cause. On this day, while I was ensuring I took the time to educate myself on the suffering POC endure on a daily basis while also trying to find relevant petitions to sign and places to donate, I noticed how difficult it was for people to access relevant information when it’s in so many different places. While not wanting to turn the importance of the day into a reasoning for me to create my own design work, I also didn’t want to let the day go past without creating a design and felt it wrong to create a design that was unrelated, so decided to spend a bit of time mocking up a concept app design which could be used as a central information and resource hub for people to keep up to date with uncensored news, educate themselves on the cause, find places to donate and petitions to sign, access links to businesses owned by POC to support and find out information about local protests to attend, as well as how to stay safe when attending. It felt right to create a concept like this one, that could actually be put to good use during these times, rather than creating something fun and unrelated at such a crucial time.


Day 14 - ‘Pattern Library’ website homepage design

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Does this make anyone else’s eyes go a little funny? 👀😝 I watched a tutorial this morning on how to create a range of patterns so decided to make a ui design for day 14 of my #100daysofdesign challenge for a pattern library website homepage, a place to source and sell pattern designs - obvs creating this pattern myself! Let me know what you think ⬇️ . . #uidesign #uidesigner #websitedesign #webdesign #webdesigner #fontlove #deisgn #designer #mockup #websitemockup #ux #ui #uxui #uxdesigner #typography #uiinspiration #uiinspo #pattern #patterndesign #patterndesigner #creative #graphicdesignersclub #ladieswhodesign #growyourbusiness #youngcreative #smallbizsquad #designchallenge #100dayproject #everydayproject

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I had spent part of my morning in bed watching tutorials on how to create patterns in Adobe Illustrator and wanted to have a go at doing one myself - hence deciding that my design of the day should be a website homepage design for a pattern resource library. This was a pretty easy and quick design to create once I had made the pattern, and I was pretty pleased with the way the colours of the pattern worked against the neutral homepage background and simplistic font, making use of inner shadows to make it look as though the homepage dropped away to show the pattern behind.


Day 15 - ‘PBF Children’s Entertainment’ Branding


This one actually came from a rejected logo concept from a client, who said the font was ‘too Willy Wonka’ for him. I decided to change up the letters from those used for the client and turn the design into a concept children’s entertainment company, playing with bright yet professional colours and some fun photography as well as designing a sub-mark logo and a couple of patterns. Having already created the logo concept this project was quick and easy to complete, and I’m really happy with how it came out.


Day 16 - ‘Mayflower Beauty Salon’ Branding 


I had been seeing a lot of logos make use of a simple floral illustration and loved the aesthetic of them, so decided to take an old doodle of mine on my iPad and use it within this brand identity. I also decided to use this branding project to have a go at a colour challenge I had seen on Instagram run by Katie Proctor, meaning I had a set colour palette to use - which was much more muted than I would normally go for! Making use of subtle photography and patterns I was able to create a modern and feminine visual identity including a logo and sub-mark, and actually found that the colours worked really well with this vibe. I very rarely avoid dark colours altogether in my branding so this was a big challenge for me!


Day 17 - ‘Betsy’s Bakes’ Branding


Another branding project, with a similar sort of feel to the last two… this time I asked my sister to give me an idea for a concept business and so created ‘Betsy’s Baking’. I had actually started the project with a very specific logo style in mind but quickly realised it would not suit the brand at all, so I guess that will have to be saved for another day! After how much I liked the colour palette I had used the day before, I decided to go for another more muted colour palette to give the vibe a sort of vintage feel, again creating a logo and sub-mark and overlaying them on some bright photography. I was again very pleased with how this little brand identity came out.


Day 18 - ‘Ice Cream and Cookies’ Print Design 


After noticing that my last few days’ project were all feeling a little same-y but at the same time realised that I was starting to notice more of a style in my work, and didn’t want to force myself away from that for the sake of ‘creating something different’. I was also starting to question whether I would really be able to last 100 days in this challenge creating a whole new brand every day, while still maintaining client work - seemed pretty impossible! Plus, I was feeling frustrated that the brand identities I was creating were little more than a logo, sub-mark, colour palette and perhaps some pattern designs and photography choices, as it obviously wasn’t feasible to create an entire brand every single day.

I therefore decided to tweak my approach to the project a little, allowing myself to return to brands I had already created and develop the identity a little further. On this day I decided to try out some mock-ups to create print designs for the ‘Ice Cream and Cookies’ dessert parlour I had created earlier in the week, creating another alternate sub-mark to be used on a take-out box and window signage, as well as creating a loyalty card design. Producing these helped the brand I had created to feel a little more tangible, and didn’t take nearly as long to do as if I had tried to create a whole new brand, and so this is something I will definitely continue to do throughout the project.


Day 19 - ‘DaytimeDoggies’ website homepage


I actually asked my Instagram followers for inspiration for this one - with Hollie Moxham suggesting I create an identity or UI design for a doggy daycare. I loved this idea as it gave me an opportunity to use one of my pet portrait illustrations that I create on The Doodle Mill, choosing an illustration of my nan’s dog I drew last year due to his happy expression. I decided to create the design using a muted, neutral colour palette, which when paired with the playful font and fun illustration, gives the site a friendly yet professional feel - and I’m really pleased with how it came out!


Day 20 - 'Strawberry Jammies' Print Design 


Returning to my strategy of revisiting existing brands I had already created in the challenge to design for alternate branding uses, I decided to create tag and bag designs and mock-ups for my concept luxury children's pyjamas brand. I had a lot of fun doing this, creating designs to make the brand feel even more real and consistent throughout, and the resulting mock-ups appeared both sleek and attractive. 


Day 21 - MJP Multimedia Designs 


On this day I strayed away from my initial plan of only designing for concept brands, and instead made use of some designs I had created that day for my own business. Having had a strategy day for myself I hadn't left any time to create a concept design for the challenge, but having spent hours on designs for my own company, thought it would be fair to count those instead! 

I created my current MJP branding around a year ago but had never come up with a pattern design that I thought was professional but also modern and fun. I had seen a lot of design work on Instagram making use of the trendy monstera leaf in their designs (for example, work by Abi Design) and decided to incorporate a similar concept into a pattern of my own, layering a black monoline illustration of the leaf over a white version, over the top of my staple red, yellow and blue dots. The design received a lot of attention on Instagram and I'm really pleased with the result personally, as it gives a fun and modern feel to the brand. 

I also created a range of 8 highlight covers to be used on my Instagram page to make it feel a bit more 'branded' - again using my key colour scheme of red, blue and yellow, tracing each icon in monoline black and offsetting it against the original icon below to tie in with the style of my pattern design and give the brand a modern and quirky feel. 


Day 22 - 'Heidi's Kitchen' Branding


Another instance of straying from the 'concept brand' plan... as people began to start following the progress of my challenge on Instagram, I began to attract more clients, some who specifically had ideas for quick design projects to work for my 'daily design'. Heidi approached me with a clip-art image of a design she liked for a logo for her new baking business she was about to launch, and gave me complete creative freedom over the styling and design - perfect for me to use as a daily design prompt. 

For this design I decided to attempt an illustrative type style that I would normally do by hand on my iPad, but instead wanted to do it in a vector form in Illustrator instead. The design took a certain amount of tweaking to get right, but I'm really happy with how it turned out and Heidi was over the moon with it!


Day 23 - 'CP Beauty' Re-Brand 


My sister Caitlin, owner of CP Beauty, had mentioned to me about doing a rebrand for her beauty business ready for when she relaunches post Covid, so I thought this would be the perfect activity for one of my daily designs. I originally created branding for CP Beauty late last year but was never particularly pleased with the result, and now that my style has changed dramatically I thought it was about time I reattempted it.

Caitlin was clear that she wanted a logo that worked well in a circular form in order to be more suited to social media (her main advertising platform) and needed to be based around girly colours with a fun and modern pattern. I started out by creating a liquid swirl pattern on Procreate (note to self: I really need to post a video of me doing this on social as it is soooo satisfying) to tie in with the nail art aspect of her business, and then used a combination of modern fonts - a serif and a script - to create her logo type, as well as design highlight covers.

Initially, Caitlin was actually unsure as to whether she liked the new brand concept - she had a more muted colour palette in mind and wasn't sure if she liked the script font I had selected. Fast forward a few hours and she began to appreciate it more, and fell in love with the colour swirl pattern, and so I was relieved and thrilled to see her post the new branding all over her social media!


Day 24 - 'Dryse Distillery' Submark and Print Design 


Returning to my concept alcohol brand from earlier in the project, I decided to create a submark logo for the brand as well as a print design for a whiskey bottle. This project was completed on a Saturday afternoon under time constraints and so the bottle's label design wasn't overly original (taking heavy inspiration from the design used in the mock-up I had selected) although I was very pleased with the final outcome of this brand development.


Day 25 - 'Mayflower' Print Design 


One of the rare days I felt truly reluctant to do a design task - it was a Sunday and I had left it very late to do any work of true value, and was feeling very uninspired. After toying with a few concept businesses to create branding for, I decided to return to another one of my concepts from earlier in the project and create some mock-ups for decorative prints, signage and cosmetic bottles. For a very last minute and somewhat rushed project, I was very pleased with the outcome!


Day 26 - Classroom Reward Card Design 



Another client suggestion: A friend of mine, Bekki Brightman, asked me to design her some loyalty-style cards to use in her classroom as a reward system for her students. She gave me complete creative freedom, and so I decided to use the brief as an excuse to play with some bold and funky fonts as well as some bright colours and gradients, which are design elements I usually don't get a chance to use in my work. I was sceptical as to whether Bekki would like the design as it was different to what she would have seen of my previous work, however she was actually over the moon with the result and said it was better than she could have hoped for, which was amazing feedback to receive! 


Day 27 - 'Glide' Logo Design  



Lacking inspiration, I returned to the Daily Logo Challenge prompts for this design (actually taking the previous days prompt) deciding to take the concept of a paper aeroplane logo and turn it into an aerospace engineering and design business. I have been conscious throughout this project that a lot of my designs have been for 'girly' type businesses such as beauty salons, bakeries and clothing brands, when I actually have a lot of experience in branding for construction and engineering businesses. I used a bold font as a base for the logo, rounding the letters to match the icon I had designed, as well as a tagline, across a gradient background (something which I discovered I love in the previous day's project) to give the brand a professional yet modern and fun vibe. 


Day 28 - 'Heidi's Kitchen' Pattern Design 


Having not yet had a chance to incorporate any hand-drawn designs into any of my projects for this challenge so far, I decided I wanted to create an illustrative pattern design for one of the brands I had already created, settling on Heidi's Kitchen as it would tie in well with the logo style. I used Procreate on my iPad Pro to doodle around the logo with various shapes related to baking as well as floral elements, and then put the pattern design on a box mock-up to help visualise how it would look if used in packaging. The overall look and feel of the pattern is lighthearted and fun, and really helps to further develop the brand. 


I am well aware that this project is going to take me over 3 months (eeek!) but I am super excited to see what else I manage to produce while I’m in it, so stay tuned to see how I cope with it!

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