Say hi to The Doodle Mill!

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Say hi to The Doodle Mill!

Those of you who keep up with MJP Multimedia (or my life in general) will have seen/heard my announcement at some point over the last few weeks: I'm splitting MJP Multimedia into two separate companies. 

Am I crazy? Probably. However, following the success of my product range (specifically the Pet Portraits and custom denim), it was beginning to become confusing what MJP actually offers - is it branding, web design and content creation for small businesses, or is it illustrated and lettered products?

Hence, The Doodle Mill was born - a child company of MJP Multimedia, and specific place for me to create and sell my hand-illustrated product range, and post fun and quirky illustrations across it's own social media. This therefore allows me to focus MJP Multimedia towards B2B relationships, working with small, local businesses and start-ups to provide design, digital and content services. 

It sure is a handful, but I'm extremely excited to be working on the two companies as their own separate entities with a clear focus for each. Watch this space to see how each progresses in the near future!

Check out the new site for The Doodle Mill here

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