New year, new blog

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New year, new blog

So it’s January 2019… new year, new beginnings and all that. When better to start a blog? It’s something I’ve had a few half-arsed attempts at in the past and have always really wanted to do, and seeing as I’ve now launched the very beginnings of my little business, while also working a real-life, full-time job as part of a content production team, I’m running out of reasons why I shouldn’t be blogging. (Plus, I’m now shelling out for a Shopify site while also accidentally allowing my web domain and hosting package to renew itself for way more money than I wanted it to, so I feel like I need to start blogging to get some more of my money’s worth).

So here we are, welcome to the MJP blog. I’m planning on this being a space for me to document whatever thing my brain is focused on at that particular time - what with having the attention span of a teaspoon, you can expect this to be quite varied! Seeing as I’m planning to kickstart a design business a lot of posts will be related to my learning and development in this field, interspersed with ramblings on things like travel and university and whatever other random life experiences I can think of to talk about.

I’ve always loved to write, and I love the idea of channelling my creativity into something alongside illustration and design. Hopefully it will also keep me accountable while trying to build up my MJP business and brand in the future - with my brain constantly brimming with plans and ideas, I’m hoping that documenting my over-excited inner monologue will give me some sort of process and direction. 

So here goes I guess - let’s hope I can think of something decent to write about…

Millie x

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